Wildcook by Garry Eveleigh and James Golding


Wildcook by Garry Eveleigh and James Golding

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Garry Eveleigh, known by many as ‘the Wildcook’, is an expert on wild food and where and how to find it. In this, his first book, he gives a look inside his lifetime’s expertise of nature’s bounty in his laid back and friendly style. Wildcook, is both an easy-to-use field guide and cookbook. Garry has concentrated on a selection of his favourites, highlighting what to look for on beaches and foreshores, hedgerows, fields and forests, giving the reader detailed information on where ingredients are found, how to identify them safely, with helpful picking tips and suggestions for their uses. For the featured ingredients, award-winning chef James Golding dishes up a wide variety of simple yet delightful dishes, pickles, infusions and preserves. James is no stranger to wild food. He also grew up foraging in Hampshire’s, New Forest and the menus in his restaurants at THE PIG Hotels all boast the provenance of a 25-mile menu and combine ingredients from their extensive kitchen gardens with wild ingredients that, in The New Forest, are provided by Garry.